All prices include breakfast, towel, and bed linens. Rooms have a bathroom, fan, AC, and TV


2 people 90 Reais / night


3 people 135 Reais / night


4 people 180 Reais / night

Save even more!

Save 25% on your reservation when you choose to skip the breakfast option!

AND stay three nights and the fourth night is free! PLUS Larger discounts for longer stays!

Carnaval Package 2019

Feb 28 - Mar 5 (6 nights)

DUBL -- 1600,00 R

TRIPLE -- 1800,00 R

QUADRUPLE -- 2400,00 R

The Carnaval season is sold as a 6 night package that requires a non-refundable 50% prepayment for a "confirmed" reservation.

2016 --->Feb 4th thru Feb 9th.

The Carnaval holiday is sold as a package that CANNOT be broken into pieces (for Pousada Meson this package is 6 nights in duration). When you reserve for the Carnaval period you reserve for 6 nights no matter if your intention is to only stay a portion of the time with us. Reservations overlapping with the Carnaval package will have to pay the total package price since the package cannot be broken. The Carnaval package also requires a prepayment of 50% before a reservation is confirmed.

Package Pre-payment Information

Bank information for Western Union

  • Banco do Brasil
  • Agencia--2798-7
  • Conta--19178-7
  • Nome--Hildelucia da Silva Blanch

Bank information for SWIFT transfer

  • Hildelucia da Silva Blanch
  • Banco do Brasil
  • Account19.178-7
  • Agencia: Baixa dos Sapateiros
  • 2798-7
  • Salvador, Bahia Brasil
  • SWIFT Numbers
  • IBAN# BR7700000000027980000151787C1

Your Bank will be able to estimate what that payment should be in your currency using international exhange rates. This is also an estimate since the conversion into the Brazilian Real will only happen when the money transfer reaches the Banco do Brasil here. That is why I state that we only need approximately 50% to be sent.

Please send us a copy of the transfer so we can track it from our end so it does not get lost. When the money enters Hildelucia's account we will notify you of the confirmed reservation.

Meson Pousada

Rua Portas do Carmo 11 Pelourinho
Salvador da Bahia
Brazil 40026290